The Bridgestone Group is committed to providing superior service to the company, not only in terms of our products, services and technologies but also in terms of our commitment to the society. Our quality service comes from our passion for improving people’s safety and lives.

Discover the unique Bridgestone experience in our service centers in Port Louis and Phoenix, with complete service for your car , one stop shop. We offer a range of services , complete solutions for your journey.

Bridgestone Tyre Centre
Edgar Aubert Street
Port Louis, 11305
Republic of Mauritius
Tel: +230 208-1502

Bridgestone Service Centre
Valentina Industrial Zone
Pont Fer, Phoenix, 73553
Republic of Mauritius
Tel: +230 697-2020

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We have four strategic business areas: Tires, Solutions & Services, General Maintenance and Materials. With the unique Bridgestone experience, we make one big promise to our customers: to support you before, during and after your journey through a variety of appropriate products and services.

Bridgestone offers a wide range of tyre choices to meet various passenger car drivers’ needs and driving styles. Delivering high levels of safety, reliability and performance, Bridgestone has proved to be one of the leaders in the world. Because safety is at the heart of everything, the Bridgestone team understands perfectly how their roles and technology impact on safe driving.

Bridgestone PotenzaPOTENZA (Sports)

Potenza responds to the persistence of drivers who always aim for the top in the motorsports world and pursue the outermost limits of speed allowed by its technology.

Bridgestone TuranzaTURANZA (Comfort)

Turanza seeks to achieve the high-level balance that luxury car owners seek, combining comfort, security, driving performance and advanced technology.

Bridgestone EcopiaECOPIA (Ecology)

Ecopia combines eco-friendly performance and reduces the production of harmful carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.


Bridgestone General use tyresB250 and Techno 10 (General Use Tyres)

Setting out the global Bridgestone quality standard in terms of safety, driving comfort and durability with affordable tyres.

Bridgestone Runflat technologyPOTENZA (Run Flat Tyre)

The next level of safety. the RFT Technology ensures that even when a tyre suddenly loses air, the car can be safely driven without losing control, ensuring your safety and that of your passengers.

Bridgestone Dueler tyresDueler range of tyres

Find in our Bridgestone Dueler range for 4x4s and SUVs, the right tyre to match your style of driving. Dueler range combines the high-level traction and toughness that is required for full-fledged 4WD vehicles. The Dueler range of premium 4×4 tyres offers a huge choice of tyre sizes and performance characteristics. We make sure your vehicle performs at its best.

Bridgestone Light Truck and Van tyresLight Truck and Van

Get the increased mileage and high durability you need and get more out of your business with Bridgestone’s range of light truck and van tyres. Our focus on safety, durability and fuel economy help minimise the total cost of ownership and maximise your return on investment. Getting the right tyres means an easier working day and better profitability.

Bridgestone Truck and BusTruck & Bus

Bridgestone Truck & Bus tyres have built a strong reputation among fleets, helping to raise productivity and drive down costs per kilometre by optimising performance over the whole tyre lifecycle. Bridgestone has a full line-up of tyres tailored to nearly every commercial use application; Bridgestone provides high levels of safety, dependability, and cost-effectiveness for all driving conditions.

Bridgestone Industrial TyresIndustrial Tyres

Highly resistant to puncture tyres designed for forklifts. The tyres are available as solid or tyre & tube.

Motorcycles have their own specialised tyre needs and Bridgestone understands them well, developing high-performance tyres for personal use and professional racing. Our high performance Bridgestone road tyres are born of technologies developed and refined around race circuits so they are equally at home cruising, touring or pushing your motorbike’s limits on the track.

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