Rhodes Quality, the contemporary and innovative South African brand, is famous for the uncompromising quality of its 100% fruit products such as juice, jams, canned fruit and fruit puree. Rhodes Quality selects the best ingredients in order to offer a premium quality to consumers. The brand is endorsed by the Diabetes Association of South Africa, Halaal and Kosher.

Halal logoMade in South Africa by Rhodes Food Group, only best varieties of fruits are carefully selected to produce Rhodes products’ exquisite fruity taste. Rhodes products are also well-known for their convenience.

Discover the range of Rhodes products.

Taste the Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juice range which includes 11 mouth-watering flavours. Free from preservatives and no added sugar, Rhodes Quality juices are packed in long-life cartons that keep out the light, keeping the product fresh for longer shelf-life and preserving the true flavour of the fruits.

Discover Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juice flavours: Red Grape, Apple, Tropical, Cranberry, Mango, Pineapple, Litchi, Peach, Orange, Apple & Cranberry and Mango & Orange.

Loaded with vitamins, Rhodes Quality Juices can work wonders to energise and refresh you anytime of the day. Mango and Apple flavours have a low glycaemic index (GI) and are endorsed by Diabetes South Africa.

Try various recipes with Rhodes Quality juices such as smoothies, ice lollies or combined with other ingredients to make refreshing and tasty cocktails and mixes.

Rhodes Quality 100% fruit juices are available in 1L and 200 ml packs in hypermarkets, supermarkets and shops across the island.

Rhodes Quality 200 mL 

Rhodes Quality 1 L 

Rhodes Quality canned fruits are available in the following sizes: 410g and 825g.

Taste our delicious Rhodes Quality jams made from the best fruits of South Africa for a unique taste and texture. Rhodes Quality jams come in a plastic container with a re- sealable cap for easy consumption and storage. Taste the range of Rhodes Quality jams: Apricot, Mixed Fruit, Apricot & Mango, Strawberry and Red Plum, in cups of 290g.

Rhodes Quality Squish is a range of 100% fruit and vegetable purees with no sugar, salt, preservatives, colourings and starch added. Ideal as baby food for babies from six months and older, Rhodes Quality Squish is a great choice for parents and can be stored in the refrigerator after opening thanks to its convenient re sealable pouches.
Simply shake, squish and slurp!

The Rhodes Quality Squish range comes in various flavours.

Our fruit puree range comprises of: Apple, Banana & Prune, Banana & Strawberry, Mango & Banana, Summer Berries and Tropical.

Our vegetable puree range comprises of: Butternut & Carrot, Pear & Sweet Potato and Mixed Vegetables.

Rhodes Quality Squish: Nothing added, nothing removed, just the fruit!

Rhodes Quality, 100% Fruit from South Africa.