Anchor Food Professionals is highly committed to a close and dedicated relationship with the gastronomy, catering and pastry professionals. The aim of Anchor Food Professionals is to develop a close alliance with professionals of business sectors such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, caterers, among others, to continuously develop products and services that meet their expectations and needs.

Anchor Food Professionals constantly innovates to provide new taste points and products to chefs, bakers, caterers, commercial kitchens, hotels, restaurants and cafes owners around the world. Its products include a wide range of dairy products, milk, cheese, butter, dairy cream (pastry and cooking) and cream cheese.

Anchor Food Professionals is the quality seal of the Fonterra Group from New Zealand, one of the largest exporters of dairy products in the world. Anchor Food Professionals is deeply conscious that the success and reputation of your food business are closely linked to the quality and reliability of its products. With that in mind, Anchor Food Professionals satisfies the needs of foods professionals, sharing their interest for its customers and users. This is why Anchor Food Professionals has not only developed consistent and specialised quality products tailored for the needs of food professionals who strive for perfection and excellence, but also products that are 100% natural and nutritious. With the sole aim of surprising and delighting customers who are constantly looking for new flavours and culinary experiences.

Discover the Anchor Food Professionals product line:

  • CHEESE: Extra Stretch Mozzarella Cheese, Slice-on-Slice Processed Cheese
  • CULINARY CREAM: Extra Yield Cooking Cream
  • WHIPPING CREAM: Extra Whip Whipping Cream
  • CREAM CHEESE: Cream Cheese Traditional Style

Halal logoThe mission of Anchor Food Professionals is to fulfill your unique food service and operation’s needs by improving productivity, increasing yield, reducing wastage, improving nutritional outcomes, enhancing taste and texture and integrating new trends into your menu.

Finding performance in the business of Food.