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Tipco is a 100% veggie and fruit juice rich in vitamins and minerals. Combining the benefits and freshness of vegetables and fruits, Tipco juices are perfect to boost your energy and vitality. They are not only delicious as they are also very healthy because they are made without any preservatives and they do not contain artificial food colourings, no artificial flavourings and no added sugar. Tipco juices are naturally healthy and surprisingly delicious.

Tipco juices are enriched with vitamins, fibres and antioxidants from selected vegetables and fruits.  While fibre improves digestive health, vitamins play an important role in bodily functions such as metabolism, immunity and digestion. As for antioxidants, they help fight against diseases. The unique blend of fruit and vegetable juices, integrated into your diet, allow you to reduce the risk of many diseases, better resist to infections and help you strengthen your immune system.

Tipco juices are available in 1L and 200 ml packs. They are packed with aseptic technology for more safety.

  • Tipco 100% Veggie & Mixed Fruit: Broccoli, Carrot, Mixed Vegetables, Profiber Green Apple and Cherry Berry.
  • Tipco 100% Fruit: Orange Valencia, Kiwi, Mango and Coconut Water.
  • Tipco 100% Super fruits: Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Litchi.

Halal logoTo achieve any goal in your life, you need abundant energy. A healthy lifestyle supported with Tipco juices helps you achieve well-being and boost your vitality. Vegetables and fruits, high energy-boosting foods, should make up at least a third of your diet. Tipco juices are excellent to increase your metabolism and good digestion, regulate your transit, obtain an effective blood circulation and achieve a toned body. Tipco juices are also a great way to introduce vegetables in your diet and to get your daily servings of vegetables and fruits. For more than ten years, thousands of Mauritians have been convinced by the goodness and delicious taste of Tipco juices which makes it the leader in its category.

Wellness & Vitality.