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Brand Description

Farmland is the preferred full cream milk powder of Mauritians as it is creamier, dissolves instantly, does not lump and thus makes more cups of milk, offering the best value for money. This is why Farmland is the “smart choice” of most Mauritian families who choose not to compromise on quality.

Made from 100% cow’s milk from New Zealand, the quality of Farmland is guaranteed by Fonterra, one of the world’s largest dairy exporters.

There’s nothing better to kick off the day on a good note with a good cup of tea made with Farmland. As Farmland is creamier, it’s perfect for your beverages such as tea, café latte, hot chocolate and even a good “Alouda”. In addition, Farmland is also the perfect ingredient for cooking and baking applications and is suitable for all types of cakes and even in sauces.

Halal logoFarmland is available in sachet of 1Kg and 500g, in all supermarkets and shops.

Farmland, the Smart Choice.

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With farmland it’s always more of creamier and tasty sweets for you and your family.

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