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    It’s always more with Farmland, the favourite milk loved by all Mauritians : more flavours for more pleasure, more sharing for more family bonding moments and especially it brings you closer to your dear ones, from generation to generation.

    Farmland dissolves instantly and is always creamier and always more economical as it yields more glasses of your favorite drinks and makes more tastier cakes. Hence, offering you excellent value for money. This is why Farmland is always the smart choice of Mauritian families who have chosen not to compromise on quality.

    Made from 100% cow’s milk from New Zealand, Farmland’s quality is guaranteed by Fonterra, one of the largest exporters of milk in the world.

    At the heart of Mauritian households, Farmland always brings more happiness in everyday life. Just like ‘Dadi Rabia’ who’s sharing her know-how for a delicious homemade alouda to her granddaughter Alia or be it Radhikha who’s sharing the secret of a making a yummy cup of good cup of tea, the traditional way to her daughter Reeya or be it the happy bonding moment between Jonathan and his son Kylian in baking a tasty chocolate cake for Sheila.  With Farmland, it’s always more happy moments whilst preserving the values and traditions, bonding together Mauritian families.

    Stay tuned on the Facebook page to discover more happiness from Mauritian families around their favorite milk Farmland. Let’s share their happiness and discover their recipes and smart tips to brighten your day.

    Farmland full cream milk powder is available in sachet of 1 kg and 500 g in all supermarkets and shops

    It’s always more with Farmland  … Farmland, the Smart choice

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    Adoptons la smart attitude avec Farmland

    C’est toujours plus avec Farmland  avec votre smart kit pour débuter l’année avec la smart attitude – retrouvez votre meal planner ainsi que votre shopping list qui vous aideront à adopter la smart attitude ainsi de ne pas faire de compromis sur vos achats …. . Génial n’est pas … .

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