With our busy lifestyle and lack of time, the challenge is to prepare healthy meals with good quality products, without sacrificing taste.

Discover Mission Foods’ Wraps, with a soft texture and freshness that will tickle your taste buds. Easy, convenient, delicious and healthy, Mission Foods’ Wraps will make cooking so easy.

Halal logoMission Foods’ Wraps are made in Malaysia by Mission Foods which proudly holds more than 60 years of experience in the food industry. Mission Foods is a premium global brand and all its products are Halal certified.

The Wraps can be bought at the Bakery section in most supermarkets across the island.

The secret of the freshness of the Mission Foods’ Wraps is that they are made using the finest ingredients, then cooked to perfection and quickly placed on shelves for consumption in the best conditions. With wraps being a healthier alternative to loaf bread, you can prepare a variety of dishes as Mission Food’s Wraps go with many types of ingredients and fillings. Simply just let culinary creativity run free. As Mission Food’s Wraps contain fewer carbohydrates, they are healthier products.

The Mission Foods’ Wraps are convenient and easy to prepare whether for take-out lunch, breakfast, dinner, as an afternoon snack or even for parties and celebrations.  The wraps can be served hot, cold, grilled or toasted. Available in the following flavours: Original, Wholegrain, Garlic, Potato and Curry.

Fill & roll for a quick, healthy meal.