Going vegetarian is the new way of life. More and more people are giving up on meat or reducing its quantity. The paneer or Indian cheese gradually makes its way to our plates. If you have never tasted paneer, seize the opportunity to taste it with Nanak. Nanak Paneer is the only paneer made from fresh cow’s milk and that is why it is creamier and its taste is much more enhanced than other paneer.

Nanak Paneer is made in Canada by Punjabis experts known to be the largest federally approved dairy in North America that specialises in Indian dairy & food products. Nanak Paneer has an ideal moisture content, smooth texture and an excellent sliceability. Nanak offers reliable, great-tasting products and always uses fresh ingredients, thus giving you the pleasure to experience authentic Indian flavors in your own kitchen. Moreover, the soft texture of Nanak Paneer allows sauces and spices to penetrate throughout the paneer pieces while they are cooked. The mellow body enhances the taste and feel in your mouth. Nanak Paneer does not contain eggs and is Halal certified.

Enjoy Nanak Paneer as appetizers; for barbecue and tandoori vegetarian cuisine; in curries, rougailles, skews, in salads and even as a dessert. You only have a few minutes to prepare a meal? Easy and fast to prepare, Nanak paneer will allow you to cook quickly. Paneer is good for health, gluten-free, low in sodium and high in protein and calcium.

Halal logoNanak Paneer is available in blocks of 400g, fresh or fried in cubes 200 g. Nanak paneer is packed in hygienic conditions to give you the best quality product.

So Good, So Pure, it’s Nanak