We all heard about the recent police crackdown on lane discipline carried out by the Traffic Branch. There were an important number of fines that was distributed during this week. This operation was an incentive way to make road users be aware of road safety. Since this operation, it can be observed that drivers are more cautious and abide to the road’s rules and regulations.

What is lane discipline?

Lane discipline in driving terms is when a driver unintentionally straddles another lane that is not theirs and does not keep within the lines of theirs. Whether done in an intentional way or not, it is considered to be a form of dangerous driving which could lead to high amount of fines or prosecution if caught by the police.

Bad lane discipline happens in various situations:

  1. On highways or motorways
  2. At a junction
  3. At roundabouts

Safe and correct lane discipline is essential as assure road safety for both your vehicles and other road users. Bad lane discipline results from a lack of forward planning and good observation which leads to a dangerous situation. Usually this is due to a lack of concentration while driving or when the driver is in a rush and is trying to save time.

Trying to avoid a ticket? Follow these steps below:

  • Keep your vehicle always in the center of your lane; don’t hang to the left or right side of your lane.
  • On highways with multiple lanes, keep to the left and allow faster cars to use the lanes right of you. If you notice that cars have to overtake you on your left side, move to a slower lane to the left of you.
  • Use your indicator before any lane changes, check properly around you and make sure you can change your lane safely.
  • Position yourself in the correct lane early and avoid unnecessary lane changes.
  • Don’t use a lane which is free (for example a lane turning to the right) when you want to go straight, only to jump the line and to squeeze into the lane where you wanted to be in the first place.
  • Strictly do not drive on the hard shoulders!
  • Do not cross solid lines – stay in your lane until the solid lines end.
  • Do not go against one-way streets.
  • Approach a roundabout at a convenient speed so as to reduce chance of accidents, study the road indications and use the correct lane needed and always keep a keen eye on the road markings. Same conditions apply when approaching a junction.

Lane discipline can lead to a risky or even more dangerous position. Due to such obvious circumstances of performing such actions, the road traffic branch of Mauritius is taking several activities to make people have a proper behavior so that there can be a reduction of road accidents. At Bridgestone, Your Journey Our Passion.