Your journey our passion… let’s work together towards your safety

2018-04-25T14:50:10+00:0025/04/2018|Categories: Tyre|

Tyres are vital commodities in which families entrust their lives when they drive. That’s why at Bridgestone, we leave no stone unturned and go the extra mile when it comes to your safety. Consequently, each month 10,000 Bridgestone tyres are rigorously tested on more than 200 different types of cars at each of our 10 proving [...]

Tips to drive during heavy rains

2018-01-16T16:41:33+00:0017/01/2018|Categories: Tyre|

2018 has indeed known a rainy start. With these downpours comes an increased risk of road accidents. Driving in heavy rains can be very challenging. Keeping that in mind, here at Bridgestone Service Centre, we have gathered some useful tips for you : Try to delay the travelling until the cyclone has subsided. However if you [...]

Driving around heavy vehicles: Few tips from our experts

2017-10-10T15:29:12+00:0010/10/2017|Categories: Tyre|

It’s very saddening all these accidents happening lately on our roads. Unfortunately, we have noticed several ones involving heavy vehicles. At Bridgestone, your safety is our priority, thus, it’s crucial for all of us to adopt a safe attitude while driving. Our experts have put together some simple tips to ensure your safety as well as [...]

Lane discipline or how to avoid a fine

2017-09-26T16:08:51+00:0026/09/2017|Categories: Tyre|

We all heard about the recent police crackdown on lane discipline carried out by the Traffic Branch. There were an important number of fines that was distributed during this week. This operation was an incentive way to make road users be aware of road safety. Since this operation, it can be observed that drivers are more [...]

How to become a tyre expert with useful and simple tips

2017-08-30T16:38:12+00:0030/08/2017|Categories: Tyre|

Wondering how to become a tyre expert? You landed on the right blog. Here you will have some useful tips to take care of your tyres and how to spot wear and tear which occur during the its life cycle.   Be a Tyre Expert Tyre is known to lose constant air pressure over certain amount [...]