This 100 % veg Nanak PANEER burger patty is simply exquisite. This veggie burger is non processed and incorporates the freshest ingredients! The crumble of Nanak PANEER gives the patty the perfect burger texture. It is a great substitute and an incredibly tasty addition to your vegetarian diet. Ingredients and steps below to help you to recreate this simple, healthy and tasty burger patty at home.

·100g Nanak Paneer Block
·¼ tsp salt
·50g of mashed potatoes
·½ tsp of turmeric powder
·½ tsp of tilany (cumin) powder
·½ tsp of ginger/garlic powder
·25g of ground rice
·½ cup of fried onion
·Chopped greens
·2 tbs of oil
·Chilli flakes (optional)

·Mix altogether. Allow to rest.
· Divide into small balls. Flatten lightly and cook on non-stick pan on both sides.