Nanak PANEER is a great addition to any vegetarian meal. PANEER is not just a substitute for meat but simply a great ingredient! Therefore, here comes my PANEER laddoo!

A great treat to discover and rejoice with your family…

Recipe and full method below. I hope you enjoy it.

·200gm Nanak paneer block
· 50g besan
· ¼ cup of milk + few stands of saffron or yellow food colour (infused)
·25gm ghee
·½ cup condensed milk
·Elaity/badam/dried raisins
·50g chopped almonds

·Crush paneer and mix with saffron infused milk. Keep aside.
·Heat ghee and roast besan until lightly brown.
·Add paneer along with condensed milk/elaity/badam
·Stir continuously until dry, remove from heat and shape into laddoo shapes, garnishing with the dry raisins!