This Nanak PANEER pancake is one of Mansoorah’s personal favourites. It’s not your usual pancake.

It’s also GLUTEN FREE! No flour!!

Light but yet filling, one you can use as a snack or incorporate into a meal. Easy to make, healthy, tasty and with a twist… What’s not to like? Full recipe below or click here to see the video!

· 150g paneer crumble (use Nanak Malai Paneer Block)
·1 cup liquid milk
·Half teaspoon salt
·Half teaspoon turmeric powder (safran en poudre)
·Half teaspoon cumin powder + half teaspoon of paprika powder
·50g besan
·25g ground rice+ 11/2 baking powder
·2 tbs oil
·One small onion chopped +chopped greens (chopped chillies – optional)

·Mix all ingredients together
·Spoon on non stick pan and cook on both sides