2018 has indeed known a rainy start. With these downpours comes an increased risk of road accidents. Driving in heavy rains can be very challenging. Keeping that in mind, here at Bridgestone Service Centre, we have gathered some useful tips for you :

  • Try to delay the travelling until the cyclone has subsided. However if you find yourself caught in the middle of a downpour and the roads are too slippery with poor visibility, pull your car over and switch on the car’s hazard lights.
  • 60 cm of moving water can sweep away the car. If the water is deeper than the bottom of the car’s doors or the bottom third of the wheels, it is not advisable to drive through. You should avoid crossing bridges or roads next to rivers during heavy rains as flash flooding is a risk.
  • If you get stuck on a flooded road, switch to the lowest gear and proceed slowly. Using brakes suddenly can cause skidding.
  • Avoid roads which are prone to falling rocks or loose gravels like Verdun

Stay safe  and should you have any queries feel free to contact us on the 208 1580 or pay us a visit at our service centres.