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    Perfect Italiano , a range of culinary cheeses, guarantees to bring you all the wonderful flavors of Italy to your homemade dishes.  Perfect Italiano is the secret ingredient to enhance the taste of your culinary creations and is suitable for a wide range of recipes from salads, bakes, pizzas, risottos to lasagna and many others.

    Made in Australia, using traditional Italian cheese-making methods, Perfect Italiano range will undoubtedly enhance your meals with a touch of Italian flair through its unique blends.

    The Perfect Italiano Cheese range at a glance

    Pizza Plus has been created with a unique composition of Mozzarella, Cheddar & Parmesan – the perfect blend of cheeses that melts and stretches to perfection, without going oily, ensuring delicious authentic pizza every time. Pizza plus is available in “easy zip” re-sealable sachet of 450g in chilled sections of supermarkets.


    4 Cheese Melt consists of a delicious blend of traditional and easy melt mozzarellas with cheddar for full flavour and Romano for bite. It does not go oily and melts golden brown.  4 Cheese Melt is perfect for melting and grilling for example chicken parmigiana, garlic bread and the famous « Mac & Cheese ». 4 Cheese Melt is available in “easy zip” re-sealable sachet of 450g in chilled sections of supermarkets.


    Perfect Bakes is made of a full flavored cheddar blend with a little Mozzarella for stretch and Parmesan for bite. Perfect Bakes does not go oily and bakes a beautiful golden brown, thus perfect for your favorite Italian-inspired bake dishes such as lasagna, pasta bakes and vegetable bakes. Prefect Bakes is available in “easy zip” re-sealable sachet of 450g in chilled sections of supermarkets.


    Perfect Italiano Parmesan is an authentic Italian-style Parmesan cheese, made using the finest Australian ingredients. The cheese is matured for up to 18 months to guarantee the bold flavor. It is perfect for adding bold flavor to your pasta, sauces, risotto and even in salads.

    Perfect Italiano Parmesan is available as wedge of 250g and as grated in sachet of 125g in chilled sections of supermarkets.


    Perfect Italiano Mozarella cheese has a mild flavour and melts beautifully when you want to enjoy that traditional stretch. Ideal to be sliced in Paninis or bruschetta’s or grated on lasagna or cannelloni’s.

    Perfect Italiano Mozarella is available in block of 250 g as well as grated mozzarella, in “easy zip” re-sealable sachet of 250g in chilled sections of supermarkets.

    Halal logoPerfect Italiano cheese is ideal to enhance the taste of your dishes whereby you can bring the zing of Mauritian touch to Italian classics.

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