Brand Description

    Talley’s – Bringing you the best of New Zealand

    Talley’s is one of New Zealand’s largest food production and supply groups.
    Our products are all grown, harvested, and processed in New Zealand.

    Talley’s range of products:

    Frozen Vegetables
    Used in some of our Mauritian’s favourite dishes, Talley’s frozen vegetables are already cut up, cleaned and ready to go, the
    perfect time saver. Talley’s frozen vegetables 100% New Zealand grown contains no added preservatives, salt, or colouring.

    Range of frozen vegetables:
    Mixed Vegetables 500g
    Corn Kernels 500g
    Garden Peas 500g
    Chopped leaf spinach 500g
    Baby bean whole 500g
    Sliced beans 500g

    Talley’s range of products include also the famous Greenshell Mussels. Talley’s Greenshell Mussels are Processed under New
    Zealand Government and international regulations insuring a very high-quality product.

    Range of Seafood
    Mussel Half Shell (Large) 1kg